Women’s Economy Europe offers tailored, specialized, gender and culturally sensitive solutions to remove the internal and external barriers to women’s personal and professional growth.

Women's Economy Europe drives change by collaborating with those who support women and girls in the educational, financial and business support sectors across Europe and globally.

We can draw on over 30 years of experience of supporting women and girls, from the most isolated and socially excluded communities to well integrated, highly resourced groups.

Women’s Economy Europe is committed to enabling women and girls to make confident decisions about both their personal and professional futures.

Our award-winning programmes have supported women across the UK and in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Women’s Economy Europe believes that the diverse experiences of girls and women across Europe, and those who support them, offer an unmatched resource for learning and development in the economic empowerment of women.

The under-developed potential of women to contribute to the global economy is increasingly recognized and extensive research has highlighted the significant benefits to society of encouraging women to be economically active.


Sally Arkley

Co-founder and Director for UK

Nicoletta Bertolone

Co-founder and Director for Italy

Stella Mally

Co-founder and Director for Spain

About our Team