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Our services


Below is a non exhaustive list of services we currently offer and provide to Chambers of Commerce. Besides we offer customized consultancy, keynote speeches and workshops provision.


A training programme for chambers of commerce on Women’s Economy Europe’s ‘patient’ model of business support, for women interested in starting a business.

A training programme, augmented by online resources, to train trainers in our ‘patient’ model of business support to women interested in starting a business.

The course provides a thorough grounding in specialist support for women with no previous enterprise experience. It includes modules on the need for, and the nature of, women-only support, teaching basic business skills, transferable skills awareness and confidence-building one-to-one mentoring skills and developing peer-support groups. Also included is post-training support and refresher courses. We also offer an opportunity to become part of an internationally accredited network of specialist mentors for women.


A specialist programme to enable chambers of commerce deliver gender sensitive courses on investment readiness and access to finance for women-owned businesses.

Our programme looks at investment readiness attitudes and strategies in detail and provides insights in specific issues in accessing finance for women, and strategies to overcome these.


We can provide:

  • An in-depth review of chambers of commerce activity through a ‘gender lens’ in order to establish whether policies, services and communications are gender-sensitive.
  • Development of appropriate gender-sensitive policy, good practice standards and effective gender marketing, which is individually tailored to the needs of each client.


A comprehensive knowledge transfer programme for chambers of commerce wishing to build their capacity to develop values-driven leadership training for their senior women and to offer other values-driven leadership services.

Anchored on the principles around Values Driven Leadership and more recent thinking on mindfulness in leadership training, this programme takes an innovative approach in recognising that many women are innately motivated by the need to achieve ‘more than profit’; that they are motivated by ‘Social Conscience’ and Principled Conscience’.

The global challenges of the last few years have taught us that performance, when based on the pursuit of profit alone, is both ethically undesirable and economically unsound. Organisations powered by leaders who are driven by values, as well as being highly profit-aware, are increasingly emerging as economic winners in the new global economy.

We have applied the latest research and thinking on the relationship between value-based leadership and performance to develop our Programme, originally in collaboration with the University of Birmingham Business School.

Themes will include:

  • Sales through relationships; emotional intelligence and the bottom line
  • Influence as the new power; impact is bigger than size
  • The anatomy of growth; new approaches to finance, strategic planning and operational management.

We offer a comprehensive knowledge transfer programme to Chambers of Commerce wishing to build their capacity to develop values-driven leadership services. This includes face-to-face training, supporting materials, on-going mentoring, refresher courses, regular updates on the latest theory and practice in the field and accreditation opportunities.

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